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            Military Police Unit Solution

            Innovation / High-efficiency / Sincerity

            Military Police Unit--WarehouseEnvironmentMonitoringSolution

            In the military policeunits, the main application scenarios of the environmental monitoring system are the ammunition warehouse and the material&equipment warehouse. Due to the confidentiality of the military police units and the sensitivity of materials and equipment, requirementsfor the warehouse environment is muchstricter.Consequently a monitoring system that can monitor and manage the warehouse environment in real time isvery important.

            Military police units have network security requirements, so monitoring should be carried out on the internal network.

            There is confidentiality requirementforthe military police warehouse,thus the requirement for anti-theft, fire prevention and explosion protection is higher.

            Due to the importance and sensitivity of materials and equipment, the requirement for the warehouse environment ishigher.

            Solution Introduction

            Thewarehouse environment monitoring solution, which is introduced by Sunwe for the military police units, consists of EMVIEW network monitoring platform, EMS series environment monitoring host and sensors. It supportsthe unified supervision of all levels of warehouse environment through the monitoring center in the local area network.Meanwhile, the system monitors the monitoring parameters such as environment, power, security, video, fire control, etc. in the warehouse. In case of abnormal conditions, the system will automatically issue an alarm to notify relevant personnel to check the malfunctionpromptly.

            Characteristics of the solution

            No need forexternal network

            Apply internal LAN to realize unified supervision of monitoring center, which can effectively avoid external network attack.

            Stable performance

            Adapt to harsh working conditions.

            Integrated centralized monitoring

            Unified monitoringand management for environment, power, security, fire protection, network,etc.

            Diversified alarm mode

            Support diversified alarm mode. Timely and no missing alarm. Coordinate with personalized working habits.

            Beautiful interface

            The platform interface is simple and beautiful. The monitoring data is clear at a glance.


            The system supports hot-standby. Data is continuouslytransmitted even the network is disconnected.A double security is ensured.

            Value for The Customers

            Centralized monitoring in the internal network effectively ensure that materials and equipment are in a safe and constant warehouse environment.

            24-hour continuous all-around monitoring, ensuring that warehouse personnel and materials can be checked in and out.The safety of materials and equipment is guaranteed.

            The system is stable, safeand easy to use. Even in harsh working environments, such as caves,it can still worknormally.

            Project Cases

            Chinese People's Liberation Army Air Force Command

            Fujian Quanzhou Fire Fighting Police Detachment

            Army Aviation Simulation Training CenterofChinese People's Liberation Army

            Hebei Province Armed Police The Second Corps

            Armed Police Headquarters of Chinese People's Liberation Army

            Henan Province Armed Police The Sixth Detachment

            Chinese People's Liberation Army Information Engineering University

            Heilongjiang Province Armed Police The Third Detachment

            Chinese People's Liberation Army Equipment Command College

            Heilongjiang Province Armed Police TheFirst Detachment

            General Staff Aviation AdministrationofChinese People's Liberation Army

            Heilongjiang Province Armed Police TheFirst Corps

            Army Command Academyof Chinese People's Liberation Army

            Hubei Province Armed Police Technology School

            North Sea Fleet

            Hunan ProvinceHaikou CityArmed Police The Ninth Detachment

            FujianProvinceJinjiang CityTraffic Police

            Hunan ProvinceChangsha CityArmed PoliceThe 11thDetachment

            Fujian Province Xiamen City Guard Area

            Liaoning Province Armed Police TheForth Detachment

            Fujian Province Xiamen City Traffic Police Detachment

            NeimengguProvince Armed Police TheSecond Detachment

            Hebei Province HandanCity Traffic Police Brigade

            NingxiaArmed PoliceCorps

            Nanjing Military Region Joint Service Department

            ShandongProvince Armed Police The7th Detachment

            Neimenggu Border Troops

            ShanxiProvinceArmed PoliceCorps

            Shandong ProvinceJining CityTraffic Police Detachment

            ShanxiProvince Armed Police The5th Detachment

            Shandong ProvincePublic Security Department Fire Protection Brigade

            Shanghai Armed PoliceThe First Detachment

            Shandong ProvinceJinanMilitary Region

            ShanghaiArmed PoliceCorps

            Shandong ProvinceLinqinTraffic Police

            Sichuan ProvinceChengduCity Armed Police FireProtection Corps

            Armed Police Engineering College

            Sichuan ProvinceArmed PoliceThe ThirdCorps

            Armed Police Geology Research Institute

            Sichuan ProvinceArmed PoliceDetachment

            Armed Police Academy

            Tianjin Armed PoliceCorps

            Armed PoliceHydropowerThe EighthDetachment

            XinjiangProvinceArmed Police The EighthDetachment

            Armed PoliceHydropowerThe Sixth DetachmentJimeiBranch

            YunnanProvinceArmed Police The Tenth Detachment

            Armed PoliceHydropowerCorps





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